Larry Fortensky Wears Bizarre Mask To Hide From Press

Elizabeth Taylor’s last husband, Larry Fortensky, is reportedly going to great lengths to stay out of the public eye. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Elizabeth Taylor's last husband Larry Fortensky was seen wearing a bizarre mask to hide himself from the press.

The mask was the face of an old man, complete with a wig and long scraggly gray beard. Fortensky, a construction worker, was Taylor's eighth husband.

He was seen entering a motor home parked Fortensky's sisters property, in the little town of Menifee, California, about two hours outside Los Angeles.

Fortensky hasn't been seen in public since Taylor's death, but was finally spotted in the mask, which he wore to disguise himself from photographers.

59-year-old Fortensky has been a virtual recluse for years. He's reportedly broke and unemployed.

His ex-wife, Karin Fleming, who married Fortensky before Taylor, tells London's Daily Mail: "What has happened to Larry is sad. He has no motivation. He sleeps in until noon every day. He's not the person that Elizabeth loved and married. That person is gone."  

Fortensky seems determined to stay out of the spotlight and he's going to bizarre lengths to prove it.