Woman Has a Record 52 Plastic Surgeries

This woman has set a world record for the most cosmetic surgeries on one person after having 52 different procedures. INSIDE EDITION has the shocking story.

This striking blonde just set a new world record for undergoing the most cosmetic procedures by anyone, ever.

Cindy Jackson had an astonishing 52 procedures to perfect her face and curvy physique.

On Good Morning America, Jackson said, "For me, it was just to look better. It's a very basic simple reason."

INSIDE EDITION first discovered Jackson in 1996 at the beginning of her quest to look like a real-life Barbie doll. She had already undergone 23 plastic surgeries at that time.

"I had my upper and lower eyes done. I had my eyes redone. Two nose jobs. I had my upper lip turned inside out and stitched down," said Jackson.

Now, 15 years and 29 additional painful procedures later, there's barely any part of Jackson's body that hasn't been nipped, tucked, pulled, sculpted, lifted, augmented, or touched up.

On Good Morning America she revealed that she even had fat sucked out of her knees!

"You get that little fat pad around your knees that starts to rub together when you walk," said Jackson.

And get this—she just had her hands injected to make them appear younger.

"I did have prominent veins and tendons sticking out. Now you don't see them at all," said Jackson.

She grew up in Ohio and now lives in London. She says low self esteem about her looks prompted her transformation.

"It was the way people treated me. The way men rejected me. I looked in the mirror, there was my big nose that I had when I was 6 years old," said Jackson.

She will likely shatter her own world record. The 55-year-old plans to keep on going with cosmetic surgery to keep her Barbie looks forever young.