Teen With Autism Denied Service Dog But Finally Gets One in Emotional Video

She was denied service dog for four years.

A Canadian teen with autism has finally gotten a service dog after years of being denied. 

Cadance Mercer, 13, has a high-functioning form of  the disorder, but still battles anxiety and sensory issues that lead to meltdowns, according to her mom.

After applying several times in the past four years, mom Sarah Mercer was finally able to get one. 

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“A lot of times dogs are given to non-verbal children and children who are flight risks,” Mercer told InsideEdition.com. “I’ve applied for service dogs for her in Canada and the U.S. She was just always denied. She knew I was looking and she would always ask but my answer would be no.”

The constant denials started to take a toll on Cadance.

“It really hit her self-esteem and she felt like she wasn’t worth the effort. She is struggling in school and really low,” Mercer said.

So when Cadance was finally accepted to receive a dog, although the family had to pay $14,000 for it, her happiness was clear.

In a moment captured on video, Cadance greeted her future dog Luna with tears of joy. The pup responded with a lot of kisses.

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Cadance will get to take 11-week-old Luna home once she turns 1.

“It just made everything worthwhile, because she sees that it’s actually her dog and somebody believes that she really does struggle, and she is worth the effort to have that dog and go through all that,” said Mercer.

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