John Daly's Ex-Wife Speaks About Life On The PGA Tour

INSIDE EDITION talks to the ex-wife of golfer John Daly about her experience of life inside the pro golf circuit, and what she says may shock you.

Sherrie Daly spoke to INSIDE EDITION about her ex-husband golfer John Daly. And she's plenty teed off by their womanizing.

"Golfers are just like rock stars, they look out into the crowds and if there's a cute girl, you know they'll get to them somehow," said Sherrie.

Teed Off is the name of her book, which blows the lid off life as a pro golfer's wife.

"It sounds like what people think of as the prim and proper country club atmosphere is really a crazy frat boy house," said INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander.

"Yeah, it really is," said Sherrie.

She was married for nearly a decade to the overweight, chain-smoking, hard-drinking, hard-gambling bad boy, John Daly.

"John Daly makes Tiger Woods look like a saint," said Sherrie.

She claims she once caught John in bed with a groupie and discovered an x-rated photograph on the woman's cell phone. She got her revenge.

"Every number, her mother, preacher, friends, boyfriends, I sent that picture to everyone with my own personalized message," Sherrie said.

John's problems weren't just women. He was seen on the golf course uncontrollably shaking after a drinking binge.

"Back then I was part of the cover-up too. I would say, 'Oh, he's dehydrated.' Bottom line is, he had a big hangover," said Cherrie.

A past picture shows John with scratches on his face. He claimed Sherrie stabbed him. But now she says John gave himself those scratches.

"I never ever stabbed John Daly or did anything like that," she said.

Sherrie once advised Tiger Woods's wife Elin to forgive him and save their marriage, but now she says Elin did the right thing in divorcing Tiger.

"How do you think Elin handled Tiger's scandals?" Alexander asked.

"She was very sad. I know she was sad; no cars, no money or any of that would ever make up for what she went through," said Sherrie.

Sherrie's book Teed Off hits the shelves today.