4 Killed Including Police Officer After Domestic Dispute Turns Into Deadly Shooting Spree: Cops

A suspect has been detained in the shootings at a law firm, bank branch and apartment complex Wednesday.

A police officer is dead along with three other people following what police in Wisconsin are calling a domestic dispute that became a deadly shooting rampage.

The initial shooting occurred at Marathon Savings Bank in Rothschild on Wednesday afternoon. Though characterizing it as a domestic dispute situation, authorities have yet to release details on those involved.

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What officials have said, however, is that the situation continued to escalate after a suspect allegedly shot two people dead at the bank and fled.

The scene then moved to the nearby town of Schofield when cops were called to the law firm Tlusty, Kennedy and Dirks 10 minutes later, the AP reports.

After the law firm, cops were called to an apartment complex in the third nearby town of Weston, where residents called police after 1 p.m.

A standoff reportedly ensued and witnesses said they heard a volley of gunfire outside the apartments. Among the responding officers was Jason Weiland, who was shot as he approached the complex, according to the AP.

Weiland, a 15-year veteran of the Everest Metro Police Department, was killed.

A suspect was taken into custody about an hour into the standoff.

Everest Metro Police Chief Wally Sparks addressed the officer's death at a subsequent press conference.

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"I would like to send all my thoughts and ask everybody listening, Thoughts and prayers to all the victims and their families," Sparks said. "Please keep them in your prayers and be with our officers."

None of  the four victims have been officially identified by authorities.

However, a Wisconsin Department of Criminal Investigations spokesperson promised a "thorough briefing" at some point Thursday.

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