Is This The Most Creative Job Application Ever? Student Raps His Way to Jimmy Fallon Internship

Jake Sirianni's hard work paid off.

An aspiring intern for Jimmy Fallon sent the comedian a creative rap video pitching himself – and landed the job.

“I’m not a rapper at all. I’m usually behind the camera,” Jake Sirianni, a college student, told Inside Edition.

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But in what’s being deemed the most creative job application ever, he raps, “Do you need an intern? Cause I'm getting a degree in communication. [If you’re] looking for an intern then I recommend you listen.”

"Optimistic, obedient, and a trend setter," he continued. "Need more information? Please read my cover letter!"

Sirianni is a communications major at Washington State University and a huge "Tonight Show" fan.

The show gets thousands of intern applications a year so Sirianni knew he had to do something to catch their attention.

He got the idea from a 2014 "Tonight Show" appearance, when Daniel Radcliffe showed off his skills by rapping “Alphabet Aerobics” with Fallon in the background.

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“I wrote for about a week and a half,” Sirianni told Inside Edition. “A lot of people think it’s in front of a green screen,” when in fact, he said, he edited Radcliffe out of the video, and inserted himself.

"Yearning for a youthful, young team member?" he said in the video. "I'm sure you will find there's zero doubt in my mind I'd be on the next flight. I bid you a very hearfelt goodnight."

Fallon showed the video on "The Tonight Show" Wednesday night and had some pretty good news.

"That is amazing. Jake. If you're watching, and you better be watching, the answer is yes," he said. "Pack your bags, buddy. I'll see you this summer, baby. I can't wait to meet you, man. Get ready to work."

“Oh my gosh. I’m so excited. It‘s going to be a dream come true,” he told IE.

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