Honeymooners Stuck on London Eye Describe Watching Attack Unfold Beneath Them

Kody and Taylor Davis are visiting London from Salt Lake City, Utah.

An American couple honeymooning in London could only watch in horror while stuck hundreds of feet in the air above Wednesday's terror attack.

They had been riding on the giant Ferris wheel known as the London Eye, when the ride came to a halt above Parliament.

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Below, Kody and Taylor Davis from Salt Lake City could see people running and police swarming the streets surrounding the Westminster Bridge and adjacent Parliament compound.

"All of sudden, things got really crazy, really fast," Taylor told Inside Edition.

"We were above everything, so were the only people who could see everything so it ws pretty crazy," she said. 

As they dangled in the air, they shot vidoe of the scene beneath their feet.

"The fear started kicking in for me, once I could see all the airplane traffic around us," said Kody.

They were trapped on the ride with hundreds of other tourists, including a group of 50 children.

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Kody didn't want to worry his family, but Taylor called her mom in Utah and said "There's something going on."

The couple were up in the air for three hours before police determined it was safe for Eye riders to disembark the attraction's pod-like chambers. 

"We know it was a lot worse for a lot of other people, and our thoughts and prayers are definitely with them," Kody said. 

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