Woman Tasered After Calling Cop 'Honey' Settles For $20,000, Police Deny Wrongdoing

Aranda Wendell sued Stuart Police Department for excessive use of force.

A Florida woman who sued police after she said she was tasered and slammed to the ground by officers has settled her case.

Aranda Wendell was awarded $20,000 after settling with the City of Stuart over what she said was their use of excessive force following her 2015 arrest.

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Wendell's interaction with police was caught in bodycam footage that she says proves she was treated with excessive force.

"I had nothing to do with it. I was just driving to work," Wendell told police in the video after they responded to the scene of a motor vehicle accident.

According to WPEC, police say Wendell drove off, and when questioned, admitted to leaving the scene of an accident.

When cops caught up with Wendell, she denied knowing that leaving the scene was a crime and in the ensuing disagreement, calls an officer "honey."

"Please don't call me honey," the officer replies.

"Don't call me... then don't talk to me, how's that?" Wendell says.

At that point in the video, the officer tells Wendell she is under arrest. The video subsequently goes dark and a woman's scream can be heard.

"Put your hands behind your back!” police yell.

“No, stop it!” Wendell screams.

“You are going to get tased. You are under arrest!" police yell.

Wendell filed a lawsuit against the city claiming “unprovoked and untaunted, the officers violently slammed her into a corner and forced her down to the floor, tasing her.”

While admitting no wrongdoing, Stuart Police say the city settled in order to save taxpayers money and the expense of legal fees.

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Cops say an internal investigation revealed no wrongdoing. "Police officers have to do their job and sometimes when they do their job properly it's not pretty," said Stuart Police Cpl. Brian Bossio.

The officers involved were not disciplined.

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