Ashley Judd Opens Up in Revealing New Memoir

Ashley Judd makes some surprising revelations about her troubled childhood in her new memoir, All That Is Bitter And Sweet. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

"They put their shame on me, and I've given those S.O.B.s back their shame," Ashley Judd said.

Judd is speaking out for the first time about being sexually molested as a child. She told Today's Meredith Vieira she was a victim of sexual abuse.

"I am not alone or unusual, which is one of the reasons why I'm super comfortable talking about being a survivor of sexual abuse. Every two seconds a woman or a girl is sexually aggressed upon in this country."

Judd writes about her shocking family secret in her new memoir,  All That Is Bitter And Sweet. In the book, she says that she was "a stranger in her own family."

Growing up, she was the only one who couldn't sing. She says she was left alone much of the time, while her sister and mother, country singers Wynonna and Naomi Judd, were travelling the country.  

She says that her loneliness led her to thoughts of suicide when she was just 7.

"I took to playing with Mom's gun. I would load bullets, cock the trigger, and then hold the gun to my right temple. To me, the way my family lived was already killing me," Judd wrote in the book.

"I was coming out of this alcoholic family system and there is hope and help for friends and families of alcoholics," she said on Today.

Naomi Judd released a statement saying, "I love my daughter, I hope her book does well."  

And Judd told Vieira, "My mother loves and adores me. And my dad absolutely loves and adores me. They did then, and they do now."

Ashley Judd's sister Wynonna said "Secrets keep you sick," and says she hopes her sister's book will help her family heal.