57 Dogs That Were Rescued From Kill Shelters Meet Their New Families For The First Time

A Texas-based nonprofit drove their trailer filled with rescue dogs to Illinois, where dozens of loving families were waiting to take their pup home.

Fifty-seven dogs who were set to be euthanized at kill shelters in Texas have been rescued by families across the Chicago area.

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A video shows the incredible moment the pups met their new families.

“It’s an unbelievable feeling, because you see them when they come in and they’re broken emotionally,” said Kerrie Nelson of TracysDogs. Then "you see them four to six weeks later with people lining up to adopt them. That’s something special.”

The non-profit Texas-based organization parked its trailer full of dogs in a parking lot in Wheaton, Illinois Sunday, where they met the crowd of loving families who would adopt the 57 dogs.

“They change lives. The people who adopt the dogs, they have their lives changed too,” Nelson said.

Nelson said TracysDogs, founded nearly six years ago, rescues dogs from kill shelters around Texas that are due to be euthanized that same day. She estimated about 400 to 600 dogs around Texas are euthanized per month.

The rescue center then nurtures and trains the dogs for four to six weeks, and once they are ready to be adopted into loving homes, the team loads up their 32-foot trailer with as many as 70 dogs and embarks on the journey.

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“It’s a passion you have to have that makes long days and the blood, sweat and tears worth it,” Nelson said. “Rescue dogs are just as beautiful as ones you can get from a breeder, and you are giving them another chance at life.”

To donate to the cause, visit TracysDogs' website.

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