Yuge Profit: President Trump's Childhood Home Flipped for $750,000 Gain

A real estate investor bought it just three months ago.

President Donald Trump's childhood home has been flipped for a $750,000 profit by a real estate investor who bought it just three months ago.

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The five-bedroom, Tudor-style home is on a quiet street in Queens, N.Y. Inside Edition was given a tour of the house when it was put up for sale last summer, and shown a bedroom that may have been Trump's.

The home sold at auction in December for $1.39 million, and has now been flipped, reselling for a cool $2.14 million. 

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Real estate developer Misha Haghani told Inside Edition, "There are only 45 childhood homes of presidents in the country. Its value is only going to move in one direction — and that's up."

The president lived there right after he was born in 1946.

The address — 85-15 Wareham Road — is on his birth certificate.

The home is also likely where Trump's father, also a real estate mogul, did all of his work. 

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