Video Released of Girl Who Vanished With Teacher in New Appeal to Bring Her Home

Beth Thomas, 15, has not been seen since the pair disappeared two weeks ago.

The family of the teenager who disappeared with her 50-year-old teacher two weeks ago has released a video that features her distinctive voice in a new effort to bring the girl home.

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In the video, the teen, Elizabeth Thomas, 15, is showing her brother how to sew. The family hopes that hearing her voice will prompt someone to recognize her.

"Do you want to start from the back, or do you want to start from the front?" she asks her brother in the video.

"And then you push the needle almost all the way through, but not all the way," she says. 

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District Attorney Brent Cooper made a video appeal directly to her teacher, Tad Cummins.

“Just release her," Cooper says in the clip. "Drop her off somewhere, somewhere safe. Somewhere where she can be found, and let her get home to her family and we'll worry about what's going to happen to you later," he said.

Cummins and Thomas vanished two weeks ago, and there has not been a single sighting since.

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