Soaking Up the Sun: Twin Baby Pandas Venture Outside for the First Time

The pair is nearly 7 months old.

These twin baby pandas finally got to see the great outdoors this week.

Ya Lun and Xu Lun, who are nearly 7 months old, explored everything in sight in their outside habitat at Zoo Atlanta on March 24.

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Ya Lun, who is the adventurer of the pair, wasted no time climbing on rocks and playing with a rope while her sister Xu Lun was a bit more reticent, according to zoo officials.

Zoo officials said it’s no surprise that the cubs’ mom, Lun Lun, waited so long to let the babies out to play.

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“Lun Lun followed this instinct with Ya Lun and Xi Lun, remaining with the cubs in behind-the-scenes dens until late December 2016, when she began exploring the option of taking the cubs into their dayroom habitat,” a zoo official said.

The cubs are still getting comfortable outside, but they’re definitely enjoying the spring weather.

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