911 Calls Released in Pig Mask Vegas Heist Straight Out of 'Ocean's Eleven'

There's no word on how much the robbers made off with.

A robber and two cronies caused complete chaos at the swanky Bellagio Hotel in the heart of Las Vegas, as revealed in newly released 911 calls. 

Guests exited the hotel as witnesses heard loud bangs and assumed it was gunfire. It was actually the sound of a sledgehammer breaking the glass displays at the Rolex watch store inside the Bellagio.

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In a photo taken by a tourist, one of the robbers can be seen wearing a pig's mask and holding some sort of stick or pipe, as well as what looks like a gun.

"One of the subjects is armed with an axe," an officer is heard saying in a 911 call. 

The daring thieves all wore animal masks, including a zebra mask.

"At the Bellagio, two possible active shooter[s] in a zebra mask," a dispatcher said. 

The heist is reminding many of the Ocean’s Eleven movie, in which the Bellagio was one of the hotels targeted.

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The robbers left several important clues behind, including the masks.

"We're in the parking garage," an officer is heard saying. "I have a mask over here under a vehicle. We also have some jewelry over here by the car."

One of the robbers is in custody. The other two remain on the loose.

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