Veteran Diagnosed With Parkinson's Disease and Throat Cancer Gifted $20,000 From Local Church

Treatment has rendered John Neely too weak to attend services, but the pastor asked him to make an exception the day they surprised him with a check.

A Tennessee church has redefined what it means to support the community after donating nearly $20,000 to an Army veteran after he was diagnosed with cancer.

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John Neely, of Shelbyville, and his wife Rusty Neely have been members of the Gateway Church since 2004. While still strong in his faith, John’s illness has made him too sick to regularly attend services.

"He'll be on the floor sick and say how good God is to him," Rusty told WTVF.

The veteran has battled Parkinson's disease for nearly four years, and now faces a diagnosis of throat cancer.

"The treatments have made him so weak and sick," said Rusty, his wife of 23 years.

Even so, their pastor asked him to make an exception, and try to attend church on Sunday.

Little did the Neelys know, they would invite them on stage and present them a check for $19,460 to go toward his medical expenses.

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"You know that people love you, but this is overwhelming," Rusty said.

They family also said they would use the money toward paying off their credit card debt.

The money was reportedly donated by Athena Broadband.

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