Community Surprises Boy, 5, Who Returned Home After a Year Battling Cancer in Isolation

Carter Guess, 5, thought he lost all his friends during the year he spent in isolation treatment for neuroblastoma.

A community erupted in celebration for a 5-year-old Indiana boy returning home for the first time in a year after beating cancer.

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Carter Guess, 5, celebrated his homecoming to Terre Haute alongside local deputies, firefighters and even a motorcycle club over the weekend after spending the past year in isolation at the hospital, where he received treatment.

Carter even became an honorary firefighter, thanks to the Lost Creek Fire Department, which also honored him with the department's annual courage award.

"He gets to be a 5-year-old now," his mom, Jessica Guess, told WTHI. "It just overwhelms you to see people come out and support your journey when you've been isolated for so long."

She explained that her son was diagnosed with neuroblastoma 18 months ago, and was only given a five percent chance of survival.  

"For the first year, he couldn't be around anybody," Guess explained. "He was suicidal, upset. He thought everybody turned against him and he didn't have friends, but he just wasn't allowed to be around people for his own safety."

During that time, he was treated with radiation, chemotherapy, bone marrow transplants, and a surgery.

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Despite the painful treatments, Carter was declared cancer free over the weekend, and was allowed to go home the following day.

"I just pray the cancer stays away and he gets to grow up and live and be a little boy right now," Guess said.

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