Teacher Who Vanished With Student Heard Singing Creepy Lyrics to Another Student in Unearthed Audio

Destany Parrish says teacher Tad Cummins became her confidante when she was about the same age as Beth Thomas.

The Tennessee teacher who vanished two weeks ago with his 15-year-old student once sang a creepy love song, which he sang to another pupil.

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“I could swim for a thousand miles in the oceans inside your eyes and never reach the side," Tad Cummins can be heard singing in newly unearthed audio. 

Cummins' song was actually sung to another student, Destany Parrish, who he was close to at the time.

Now 19, Parrish says Cummins became her confidante when she was about the same age as missing student Beth Thomas.

"We used to be really, really close," Parrish told Inside Edition. "I could talk to him about just about anything. He was somebody I could go to and not have to worry.

One day, Cummins arranged for them to be alone and sang her the creepy lyrics he had written, Parrish said.

"We were in the music room right next to his classroom and I had learned a new song on the piano and I was going to show him, but he sat down first and played that song." 

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Other lyrics included: “You're the kind of woman a man can love for the rest of his life and I don't know why. I feel it's your eyes. Oh, your eyes."

When asked if she felt the song was for her, Parrish said: “I didn't assume, but everything is so different now looking back."

Destany Parrish says nothing inappropriate ever took place but she believes Tad Cummins may have been grooming her before he set his sights on Beth Thomas. 

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