Husband Gifts Wife With Replica of Car She Drove in College When They Met

She was originally given the car right after high school.

Sometimes things are better the second time around.

Rebecca Mercer, of Colorado, was shocked when she discovered her now-husband, Shawn, who she dated in college, gifted her with an exact replica of the red BMW 325 ES she drove back in the 80s.

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Shawn initially approached Rebecca on their Oklahoma campus because he liked her car, which her father gave her after her high school graduation.

The pair dated for a while but eventually broke up and married other people.

Rebecca’s says her then-husband wound up selling her beloved car without her permission.

When Rebecca and Shawn ended up back together and married six years ago, the car was a distant memory, although every time she’d see a car like her old one, she’d take pictures and reminisce.

And that gave Shawn an idea.

"Shawn was really wanting to do something cool for my 50th birthday," Rebecca told "So he found the same model and year parked on a nearby street and over the course of a year had it restored without me knowing it."

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Shawn spent $30,000 on the car's restoration. Among the improvements were a new engine, heated seats and a new paint job.

When the car was finally ready, Rebecca got the big surprise in front of family and friends in a moment captured on video and shared by Caters News. 

“I was totally shocked and surprised," she said. "It was a moment of disbelief. It looks exactly like the car I had when I was younger."

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