Bride and Groom Surprise Hospitalized Grandmother Who Had Heart Attack the Day Before Wedding

Jessica Brown said her grandmother Margaret Harris, 70, raised her and she was heartbroken that she couldn't be there for the big day.

This bride's grandmother couldn’t make it to her wedding after suffering a heart attack the day before, so the newlyweds brought the celebration to her.

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In full wedding attire, Jessica Brown, 24, of Jacksonville, Fla., marched hand-in-hand with groom Tyler Brown, 25, into the hospital, where her grandmother Margaret Harris, 70, was recovering from a heart attack.

Jessica even jumped into her beloved grandmother’s hospital bed in her wedding gown with a bouquet in hand, as photographed by her husband’s sister-in-law, Amanda Brown of Pink Shutter Photography.

"She immediately started crying," photographer Brown said of Jessica's grandmother. "She was really surprised because she didn't know we were coming up there." 

Harris, who was like a parent to Jessica, suffered a heart attack on Friday night, and wasn’t able to attend the couples’ wedding the following day.

Jessica was crushed.

"Her grandmother had a big hand in raising her," Brown told "She and her grandmother are very close."

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The newlyweds, along with a small group of the bride’s family, surprised Harris at the hospital Saturday night following the reception.

"She kept saying how beautiful the bride was, and how happy she was they came to see her," Brown said.

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