Massive Gator Interrupts Charity Golf Tournament, Couldn't Care Less

Golfers at the South Carolina course got quite the scare.

A massive alligator with no time for philanthropy brought a South Carolina charity golf game to a brief halt this week with nothing more than his hulking presence.

The menacing reptile was seen Monday at the The River Course on Kiawah Island, where the occasional gator is seen walking between ponds but rarely one so undeniably large.

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In video of the close encounter posted to Instagram by user @mayorjuan, participants in the Barrier Islands Free Medical Clinic's 10th Annual Celebrity Golf Invitational appear understandably shocked.

As the gator lumbers blissfully by, several players stand nearby, staring in awe at the giant beast.

Also notable is the supreme indifference that the gator shows to his surroundings as he passes through. 

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Once that happened, the tournament could continue and the gator could soon take his rightful viral fame.

"On the range this morning at Osprey Point," quipped @mayorjuan in his video post, which thousands watched Wednesday. "Not sure what [tee] time he had."

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