Girl, 11, Suffers Severe Burns After Making Homemade Slime

YouTube is filled with DIY slime videos and most of the recipes are perfectly safe.

An 11year-old Massachusetts girl suffered third degree burns to her hands after she tried to make homemade slime.

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Kathleen Quinn, of Rockland, made homemade slime by combining glue, water, and household cleaner borax (sodium borate), but her hands started turning red and burned when she played with it.

Her parents rushed her to the hospital, where she was found to have suffered second and third degree burns on her hands.

Kathleen told Inside Edition: "My hands were just covered in blisters and it was really painful."

The young lady said she was "really scared" during the incident. Kathleen said she still feels pain after last weekend’s event, and it hurts to even hold a pencil when she writes at school. 

Kathleen's mom, Siobhan, says her daughter tried out a YouTube recipe that included borax, which says on the box to "keep out of the reach of children" and it is an "eye irritant."

Siobhan says the little girl made slime with borax every day for several weeks.

"From constantly handling it, it just, I think, did a number on her skin. She wore rubber gloves while making it so it wasn't really making it that was the issue, just handling that finished product," she added. "The doctors agreed it was a chemical burn from the borax."

Despite the "good clean fun" of homemade slime, doctors recommend skipping the borax when making your own.

"Borax is boric acid, so you wouldn't want to use someone using acid to make slime at home," Dermatologist Dr. Debra Jaliman told Inside Edition. "It is very unsafe." 

YouTube is filled with DIY slime videos and most of the recipes are perfectly safe.

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Homemade slime recipes have been the latest social media craze, with glue flying off the shelves. Despite the dangers of consistent usage of the other key ingredient, borax, sales of the household cleaner have also risen, according to reports.

Doctors say Kathleen is expected to make a full recovery.

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