Veterinary Hospital's 'Nurse' Is a Rescued Kitten That Snuggles Up to Animals Under Anesthesia

Ron the rescued tabby cat provides body heat and a little grooming to nervous animals getting non-sterile procedures at a Denver animal hospital.

Stray cats are often assumed to be aggressive, but this rescued tabby is known for her exceptional bedside manner.

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Meet Ron the orange tabby cat, a regular nurse at the Northfield Veterinary Hospital in Denver, Colo.

While an animal — canine or feline — is under anesthesia for a non-sterile procedure, Ron often hops up on the table next to them and cuddle against their unconscious body. Sometimes, he would even give them a little grooming while receiving treatment.

"We have taken on many stray kitties throughout the years and he is definitely an exceptional cat," said Jen Weston, the animal hospital’s manager.

Weston said in a statement provided to that Ron was rescued when he was about 3 months old from a feral cat colony along with three other kittens. When he was temporarily moved to the animal hospital, he immediately got acquainted to other animals at the facility.

"We once had a very aggressive kitty come into our hospital, and the owner warned us he had been very difficult, according to his previous vet," Weston said.

To avoid any conflicts, staff intended to cage Ron up but he escaped their reach and made his way over to snuggle with the aggressive kitty.

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"They became friends," she said. "Kitty was fine and easily managed after that."

Despite being a favorite among animals being treated, Ron will retire after four months at his position as a nurse at the veterinary hospital for a new life at his forever home.

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