3-Year-Old Sits Down to Have Dinner With Police Officer Who Was Eating Alone

The two have a future "playdate" planned.

It was an adorable moment caught on video as a 3-year-old girl in Massachusetts sat down to dine with a police officer who was eating alone.

In the cute video shared by the Hingham Police Department, the girl, named Lillian, engages the officer girl at a local Panera.

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The officer, Sgt. Steven Dearth, described Lillian as a "very outgoing" girl who approached his table to talk to him while out eating with her parents and a younger sibling.

"I was working an evening shift and I stopped to have dinner at Panera bread. I was waiting for my food to get ready and I saw this little girl and she looked at me and smiled and I smiled," Sgt. Dearth told InsideEdition.com. "Her dad carried her over and then I gave her a high five and a 'Jr. Police Officer' sticker."

Dearth said he then went to sit down and eat his meal when Lillian sauntered over to his table with her parents watching. He motioned for her to sit down.

"We talked. She asked if I had a police car and toward the end of the dinner she said, 'We should have a playdate in a few days.'" Dearth said. "The whole time she never turned around to look at her parents. It was amazing to see a child that was that comfortable around a uniform police officer."

The pair snapped a photo together before parting ways.

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Dearth says Lillian’s mom, Nicole, plans to bring her to the police station to show her around later in the week.

It’s not exactly a playdate — but it will do.

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