Woman Held Immigrant Captive for Over 2 Years, Tried to Impregnate Her With Boyfriend's Sperm: Cops

The victim thought she was entering a medically safe surrogacy agreement with the woman who would become her abuser.

A Florida woman forced another woman to work for free while holding her captive for two years and trying to impregnate her with her boyfriend’s sperm, according to authorities.

The victim told investigators that she met Esthela Clark, 47, through a friend while the woman visited Mexico in 2012, at which time she agreed to travel to the United States to be a surrogate for her and her boyfriend for about $4,000, according to court documents obtained by InsideEdition.com.

Clark told the unnamed victim — referred to as “Y.L.” in court documents — that the surrogacy would include legal adoption papers and full medical care.

But after paid smugglers brought the victim into the U.S., she was forbidden to leave Clark’s home and was made to hand over her birth certificate to Clark and sleep on a mattress on the dining room floor.

"Clark told Y.L. that she was not allowed to leave because Y.L. spoke no English, the area was dangerous, and Y.L. would most likely be killed," the court documents said. "Clark also advised Y.L. that Clark read Tarot cards, and if Y.L. ever tried to hide anything from Clark, Clark would find out."

The victim told police that the insemination attempts began about a week after she arrived in the U.S.

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"Contrary to what Clark told Y.L. in Mexico, no medical supervision took place," the court documents said. "Instead, Clark's boyfriend and Clark would engage in sex, Clark's boyfriend would ejaculate into a condom, and Clark would then use a syringe to try to inseminate Y.L. on the dining room floor. This would take place three to four times per day during periods when Y.L. was ovulating."

Clark became psychologically and physically abusive toward the victim in March 2013 after repeated unsuccessful attempts at insemination, the victim told police.  

Telling Y.L. that she was not conceiving because she was too fat, Clark only allowed the woman to eat beans, the victim said. She ended up losing 65 pounds.

Clark also told the victim that if she tried to escape, Clark would make sure her family and child in Mexico would be harmed, authorities said.

Clark did not allow Y.L. to change her clothes for long periods of time, and often forced her to undress "because Clark was paranoid," court documents said.

Y.L. was also forced to act like a maid for Clark, caring for her dog, doing household chores and doing Clark"s shopping, all without pay, officials said.

She forced Y.L. to have sex with two strangers through threats of force and coercion, authorities said.

When Y.L. refused to follow Clark’s orders, Clark would become physically violent, the victim said.

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"Clark isolated the victim from her family," federal prosecutors said. "She also attempted to collect from the victim's family the cost she had paid to the 'coyotes’ [smugglers], with interest.”

At one point, Clark told the victim’s family that she had a new boyfriend, was living on her own and wanted nothing to do with her loved ones, according to court documents. 

She also told the victim’s family they could not speak with Y.L. because it caused stress that interfered with insemination attempts.

The abuse came to an end in January 2015, when an acquaintance of the victim told investigators what was going on.

Clark was charged in 2015 with alien smuggling, labor trafficking and sex trafficking offenses. 

She pleaded guilty Monday to federal charges of forced labor as part of a plea deal. She could face up to 20 years in prison at her sentencing next month.

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