Undocumented Immigrant Blasted After Shaming Trump in Facebook Post That Shows She Pays Her Taxes

She received several hate messages afterward.

An Argentine college junior was targeted by supporters of President Trump after taking to social media to dispel the myth that undocumented immigrants leech off the country.

Belen Sisa, 23, who attends Arizona State University, posted her IRS 1040 to Facebook and received a ton of backlash after people read the note she wrote to accompany the photo.

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"MYTH BUSTER: I, an undocumented immigrant, just filed my taxes and PAID $300 to the state of Arizona. I cannot receive financial aid from the state or federal government for school, I cannot benefit from unemployment, a reduced healthcare plan or a retirement fund," Sisa wrote.

"I think I’m a pretty good citizen. Oh and there are MILLIONS just like me who pay into a system they will never receive anything from. Wanna tell me again how I should be deported, contribute nothing and only leech off this country while the 1% wealthiest people in this country steal from you everyday? How about you show me yours Donald J. Trump? #HereToStay."

Sisa has lived in the U.S. since she was 6 years old. Her parents overstayed their visas, but she is protected by President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA), which allows her to live, study, and work in the country free from the threat of deportation for a renewable period of time, despite not having a green card or visa.

Sisa's post has been shared more than 5,000 times, but she’s received numerous hateful messages from strangers, calling her a criminal and telling her she should be deported.

"It’s on every level of disgusting and horrendous the amount of hate that I received," Sisa told KPHO. "There was one where it was a character of Trump holding a head. They Photoshopped my head in it, throwing me over the wall that he is going to build on the border of Mexico and the U.S."

Dozens of others reportedly screenshotted themselves reporting Sisa, who has been paying taxes for the past four years, to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), according to reports.

“Reported you to ICE and Homeland security. Crime doesn’t pay lady," one message read.

According to the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy, undocumented immigrants "collectively contribute an estimated $11.74 billion to state and local coffers" through their payments of sales, excise, personal income and property taxes. 

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Sisa said she posted the photo to try to educate people

"Millions of other people who came here legally — or illegally! — are paying taxes and we don’t leech off the system," Sisa told Cosmopolitan. "We don’t receive unemployment. We can’t go and get a reduced health care plan, we can’t get financial aid, but that’s all [Trump supporters] are ever saying. Didn’t you say you like good immigrants? But at the same time, nothing is ever good enough for you. It’s a very good showing that racism, xenophobia in this country is still very well and alive."

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