Reincarnation of the Year: Mom Claims Her Son Is Baseball Legend Lou Gehrig, Reborn

This story is something out of left field.

A Southern California mom believes her 8-year-old son is the reincarnation of baseball legend Lou Gehrig.

The kid does, too.

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Cathy Byrd says that when Christian Haupt was just a toddler, he told her that he’d been "a tall baseball player" who had to quit the game because "his body stopped working."

The first baseman, known as the "Iron Man of Baseball" played for the New York Yankees from 1923 to 1937, when he was forced to retire because of ALS, the fatal disease that attacks the human nervous system.

The malady is now called Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

Christian's mom is so convinced of her son’s past life that she believes she also had one, as Gehrig’s mother.

She said that she was riding in an elevator with her son years ago when he told her, "This looks like a hotel... When I was tall baseball player, I used to stay in hotels almost every night."

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The mother asked if he flew on airplanes as this tall baseball player, to which the boy replied, "No. Mostly trains."

She is so convinced of her son’s claims that she has written a book titled, The Boy Who Knew Too Much: An Astounding True Story of a Young Boy’s Past Life Memories.

Byrd says she had no choice except to believe Christian.

"As a mom, when you’re son comes to you and tells you he was this person, and has details to back that up, it’s hard to deny that," she said.

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