Raccoon With Head Stuck in Sewer Rescued With Jaws of Life, Crowbars and Sledgehammer

A poor raccoon that got its head stuck in a sewage system roams free, thanks to a rescue team that arrived not a moment too late.

A poor raccoon that got its head stuck in a sewer grate now roams free, thanks to a rescue team in Canada that arrived in the nick of time.

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A young girl recently contacted her local SPCA, saying she spotted a raccoon with its head sticking out of the grate, John Greer of the Welland SPCA in Ontario, told InsideEdition.com.

Greer said raccoons use the sewer system as tunnels, but it was clear this furry creature had gotten itself stuck.

"If nobody noticed him, he would have died of starvation," Greer explained. “Sometimes they fight so much he could have turned a certain way and suffocated himself.”

The rescue team tried to remove the grate using different tools, including a sledgehammer, the Jaws of Life, and crowbars.

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"Finally it was just through sheer force we were able to push his head back the other way," he said.

Greer said they were able to take the raccoon to an animal hospital to be checked for injuries, and sent the creature on its way through a grassy field when they determined he would be just fine.

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