Tiger's Mistresses React to His Statement

INSIDE EDITION spoke exclusively with two of Tiger Woods's mistresses. Jamie Grubbs and Joslyn James give their take on Tiger Woods telling the world he's embarrassed by all his affairs.

There were bitter tears from ex-mistress Josyln James as she watched Tiger Woods's public apology on live TV. Another ex-mistress, Jaimee Grubbs, watched Woods stoically.

James, who earlier this week told INSIDE EDITION she twice became pregnant by Woods, wept throughout his public statement and called it fake.

"I saw something that was very staged and choreographed, and somebody with red eyes, like they were crying, but with no tears. No emotion," said James.

Later she sat with INSIDE EDITION for an exclusive one-on-one interview during which she said, "I was feeling a lot of emotions. I was feeling disappointment. I was feeling betrayed. I was feeling stupid."

James looked distraught as she walked through a gauntlet of cameras after talking about Woods.

Grubbs, who had a passionate affair with Woods for nearly three years, had a very different reaction, saying, "If I was Elin and I was sitting there watching that, I would have left."

"You would have walked out?" asked Moret.

"I would have just rolled my eyes and walked away," said Grubbs.

"For all that I have done, I am so sorry," said Woods in his statement.

 Grubbs says that while Woods defended his wife Elin, she never heard him say he loves her.

"I would have wanted a public 'I love [her] and I'm willing to sacrifice everything to fix what I have with her because I do love her,' " said Grubbs.

"He didn't say that," observed Moret.

"No, there wasn't anything even close to that sincere," said Grubbs.

She is also angered that Woods apologized to everyone except his harem of girlfriends, who also feel betrayed and deceived.

"He mentioned..." began Jim Moret, but was cut off by Grubbs, who said, "Everybody!"

"But he never mentioned the other women and he never mentioned you. Were you angry watching that?" asked Moret.

"It does make me angry. It's something that I would have liked to hear. He spent three years of his life lying and deceiving these women, to me! People that he supposedly cared about. I should have an apology, " said Grubbs.

And she was offended that Woods implied that women were drawn to him by his fame and wealth.

"I felt he was saying, 'Because I had money these women wanted me,' and that was not my intention. That was never any part of our relationship. Our relationship was based on emotion. That kind of bothered me," continued Grubbs.

But she did say she believes it took a tremendous effort for the golfer to admit to his failings and make a public apology.

"He did humble himself and admit to a lot of things that I know were very hard for him," she admitted.

Moret asked her if she was in love with Tiger.

"I'm not in love with him, no," said Grubbs.

But Joslyn James admits she still has feelings for him, saying, "Even after if it was just one year, two years, three years go by, you have feelings that you can't control for people."

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