Carl's Jr. Ditching Scantily Clad Models in New Burger Ad Campaign

The popular burger chain is taking its advertisements in a new direction.

Carl's Jr. is dropping the sexy ads that made them famous, so say goodbye to those bikini-clad models chowing down on giant burgers.

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The ads have featured everyone from supermodel Kate Upton to Paris Hilton, but now the burger chain is moving in a new direction to bring in new customers and focus on the food.

“The reality is, people go and buy burgers because they like the taste of a burger," Fox Business anchor Trish Regan told Inside Edition. "Sure, you get a lot of attention when you put Kate Upton in a commercial. That served its purpose. The bottom line here is people want to go and eat a burger for a decent amount of price and feel like it was fairly healthy as well, so that's what they need to focus on and they are making it clear to everyone they intend to."

The fast-food chain is also bringing in a new CEO. Outgoing CEO Andy Puzder was in the running to become Donald Trump's labor secretary. He dropped out after opposition from members in Congress, as amid published reports he once employed a housekeeper who was an undocumented immigrant.

Some women's groups even brought up those sexy ads as a reason he wasn't fit for the Labor Department. Now they are a thing of the past.

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Puzder has claimed the sexy commercials helped save the brand, according to Fox News.

The company’s refocus will also come with a full rebranding as the logo to the chain is changing as well.

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