April Fools? Conspiracy Theorists Questioning Zoo Giraffe's Pregnancy

Some are alleging that it's all just a big hoax.

Could the pregnancy of April the giraffe be an elaborate hoax?

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Some conspiracy theorists believe that the giraffe isn’t really pregnant at all.

April's baby watch has become a national obsession, with millions eagerly tuning in to her around-the-clock live feed, hoping to catch the moment she gives birth at Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, New York.

April was supposedly due in February, but is still yet to give birth.

Skeptics are now pointing out that the giraffe’s name is April and with April Fools' Day just two days away, many are tweeting that it's all just a joke.

One tweet read: “Pretty sure this pregnant giraffe live cam is going to be the biggest April Fools’ Joke of all time."

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"Y'all are gonna find out that April the giraffe isn't really pregnant on April 1st," read another.

Jordan Patch, the owner of the private zoo in upstate New York that April calls home, maintains to Inside Edition that April's pregnancy is not a hoax. 

"While I could understand that it would be a really neat elaborate hoax, it is not that. It is 15 to 16 months work of buildup to an exciting moment," he said. "I would hope that on April 1 the world does find out she was pregnant. Wouldn’t it be unique to have a calf that day?"

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