Rescuer Dives Into 18-Foot Deep Cave in Epic Mission to Save 9 Abandoned Puppies

The rescue team had to dig a hole into the ground to enter the cave the scared pups had retreated into.

A California rescue team dove into an 18-foot deep cave, all to keep nine abandoned puppies out of harm’s way.

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When a good Samaritan reported a group of stray puppies, Los Angeles-based animal rescue Hope For Paws didn’t hesitate to respond.

They discovered the puppies were hiding deep inside a cave after their mother had abandoned them.

To lure them out, rescuers descended into a crevice and tossed pieces of a cheeseburger near the opening.

When the pups became spooked and retreated, rescuer Eldad Hagar followed them 18 feet deep into the cave, in hopes of getting them out himself.

"My god, this is going to be tricky," Hagar said as the puppies squealed at his reach.

One by one, the first eight frightened puppies were pulled from the cave. The last one was so far back that it was even more difficult to get a hold of.  

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So after digging a new hole into the cave, they were able to rescue the final pup and transport them to an animal hospital, where a surrogate mother would continue taking care of them.

The Hope for Paws team had been at the funeral of beloved colleague Lisa M. Ashe when they got the call about the puppies. 

To honor Ashe's memory, they named each pup to correspond with the letters of Ashe's name.

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