Shy 3-Year-Old Wraps Police Officer in Bear Hug in Video That's Gone Viral

Tyler Hubbard, 3, was awestruck by a uniformed police officer eating lunch alone.

An extremely shy 3-year-old boy was so smitten by a cop in uniform he summoned enough courage to walk up and throw his arms around the big man’s neck.

And video of the heart-melting exchange shot by the boy’s mother is burning up social media.

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"He wants to give you a hug," the child’s mother can be heard saying as the little boy looks up at Fort Worth Police Officer Anthony Colter, who was sitting in a restaurant by himself having a cup of coffee.

“It meant the world,” Colter told Fox & Friends about last week’s embrace.

Tyler Hubbard is seen burying his face in Colter’s neck as restaurant patrons issued a collective "aww."

"I was humbled and honored because we see a lot of bad stuff," Colter said. "But to see him so sincere, such a kind, thoughtful gesture — it made a wonderful day."

Jamie Hubbard sent the video of her son to the police department, and authorities posted it to Facebook. The footage has received more than 800,000 views.

The hug occurred in a McDonald’s, where Jamie and her son were eating lunch. It was pouring outside, and Colter, a motorcycle cop, had come in to wait out the storm.

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Jamie told him the boy would like a ride on his chopper.

“I don’t think my boss would appreciate me taking you out," he told the child.

After a few minutes, Tyler decided he wanted give the police officer a little bit of love.

He tentatively approached Colter’s table, pushed himself up on his toes, and threw his arms around Colter.

“It was sweet,” his mother said. "It was so fast, but it was so big for him because he's a shy little kid."

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