Strange Twist in Sherri Papini Saga as 911 Call Logs Shed More Light on Her Past

Papini went missing for three weeks in November and returned on Thanksgiving morning.

As the case to find who kidnapped 'Supermom' jogger Sherri Papini remains without an arrest, shocking new 911 call logs made from her past have been uncovered.

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Fourteen years ago, Papini's mom, Loretta Graeff, told police that Sherri, then 21, had been harming herself and blaming it on the mother.

Graeff called the cops because she wanted “advice" on how to handle the situation, according to a just-released police log from December 17, 2003.

The brief report did not state if police found evidence indicating whether Papini did in fact harm herself.

Another embarassing police report revealed that in 2000, her father, Richard Graeff, told authorities he believed Sherri had burglarized his home. On the same day, Sherri’s sister, Sheila, reported that her back door had been kicked in and she believed she was responsible.

In the logs from the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office, there was no investigation or charges brought.

The Sacramento Bee says the new information "recasts her already bizarre kidnapping story with a new shade of doubt."

Sherri's family issued a statement denouncing the reports as "victim blaming" and they insist that Sherri was the victim of what they call an “extremely violent crime."

Cops say the new information "really doesn't have any bearing on her case. There is no evidence here that shows this is a hoax or this didn't occur."

They say no one was arrested or charged in any of the earlier incidents.

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Sherri, 34, known to her friends as "Supermom," was the subject of nationwide interest when she vanished while jogging near Sacramento last November.

She turned up 150 miles away from her home 22 days later, early on Thanksgiving morning, chained, bruised and branded, with her hair cut off.

She claimed that she had been abducted by two Hispanic women.

Further descriptions of the suspects have never been released.

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