Swing and a Miss: Gender Reveal Goes Horribly Wrong as Balloon Flies Away

The dad-to-be found himself eating humble pie as things went hilariously wrong.

A Colorado couple was thrilled to reveal the gender of their baby on the lacrosse field, but the dad hilariously messed things up.

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Sean, a 31-year-old lacrosse coach at Colorado State University-Pueblo, gathered his team around as his wife, Kristin, and their 5-year-old daughter, and attempted to reveal the gender of their forthcoming child.

A balloon was tied to a goal post and it was supposedly filled with colorful powder to indicate the baby’s gender. Sean took his lacrosse stick and had a few balls by his feet and swung the balls at the balloon in an attempt to break it open.

Sean swung and missed multiple times, but then hit the string, untying the balloon and releasing it into the air.

As the dad hung his head in shame, his team burst out laughing and started poking fun at him for his blunder as the gender of the baby was left unrevealed.

"It seemed like a good fit because he actually proposed to me on a lacrosse field,” Kristin told the Caters news agency. "I was shocked when the balloon flew away, but I already knew the gender so it was funny more than anything and I felt like I could save the situation."

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With the balloon flying off into the atmosphere, the couple was still able to reveal that they were expecting a boy in a different way.

“With the quick thinking of one of my husband’s assistants, I was able to reveal the gender myself using a red and blue jersey," she told Caters.

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