3 College Students Arrested in Major Prostitution Sting: Cops

Two Florida college coeds and a male student were arrested in Coral Gables.

Cops say it was textbooks by day, sexual favors by night for three Florida college students who have been arrested for their alleged roles in a prostitution ring.

Two female students and their alleged male pimp were taken into custody in Coral Gables this week and appeared in court Thursday.

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Samara Charlotin, 19, and Acacia Friedman, 23, are accused of being high-priced hookers after the alleged pimp, Maury Noun, tried to orchestrate a deal with an undercover police officer, according to authorities.

According to a police report, Noun met with an undercover officer at a hotel restaurant to discuss the terms. Noun allegedly would receive $3,000 for making the deal. Cops say he asked for $5,000 to have sex with the girls.

After cops say the officer paid Noun the fee, the 21-year-old allegedly brought Charlotin and Friedman into a room, where police arrested the trio.

Friedman and Charlotin were charged with engaging in prostitution. Charlotin faces additional charges of drug possession.

At a bond hearing, Charlotin told a judge she was a biology major at Florida International University.

“Maybe it is a good thing you got arrested. Maybe you will change your way… lead a new path. Focus on school. You’ll do well,” the judge reportedly told her.

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Noun and Friedman both reportedly attend the University of Miami. Noun was charged with aiding or abetting prostitution.

All three students have been released on bond.

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