The Fascinating and the Furious: Man Makes Sandwich That Looks Just Like Vin Diesel

He is unsure if the actor has seen the creation, but if so, the creator wants the actor to call him.

A California engineer honored a bizarre request to make a stacked sandwich look like actor Vin Diesel and not only did he accept the dare, he crafted a hilarious video showing the meticulous process.

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Mechanical and electrical engineer William Osman used his tools to laser-cut cross sections of ham and cheese, and then stacked them up in the likeness of the Fast and the Furious star.

In the video posted on YouTube, he called the cutting of the food "the world’s grossest protein puzzle," adding, "This is hams down the grossest thing we have ever done."

Osman and his cameraman, John, made a bust of the actor, using inexpensive ham and cheese from the grocery store. He then went to his home lab and began working on the cutouts of the cold cuts, measuring the thickness to stack up accurately in sequential layers to look like the muscular star.

Osman told that he built his laser cutting machines himself less than a year ago.

He added that the messy laser cutting took an hour and assembly of the sandwich, dubbed "Meat Diesel," took 30 minutes to construct.

He added that "Meat Diesel" is the oddest thing he has ever laser cut "by a long shot."

"The laser cutter is actually really fast, but loading/removing ham slices and opening the next cut file was our bottleneck," he said.

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Osman has posted the video to YouTube, where it has gotten an “overwhelmingly positive" reception.

"Everybody is trying to get a piece of Meat Diesel," he said

While he is unsure if the actor has seen the creation, Osman wants the actor to call him if he has.

When asked by if there was anyone else he would like to make a sandwich of, Osman said it would be Diesel’s Guardians of the Galaxy co-star, Chris Pratt.

He said he's gotten strange suggestions from viewers on what else to craft with his laser cutter, with one fan suggesting a cutout of Jennifer Lawrence out of ice.

"I know that's not really a sandwich but it sounds fun," Osman said. "I think anything can be a sandwich if you're hungry enough.”

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