Mom and Dad Still Take Family Photos With Their Son After Divorce: 'It Is Possible To Co-Parent'

They've been separated since 2014.

One mom and dad haven’t let divorce stop them from taking their family photos each year. 

Victoria Baldwin and Adam Dyson made sure to document their son Bruce’s growth in family photographs, starting with a maternity shoot and then another when he turned one year old.

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In 2014, however, the couple separated. 

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“After the divorce, I booked a session for Bruce and I and I asked Adam if he wanted to come,” Baldwin told “He said sure.”

Baldwin and Dyson were both living in Ohio at the time so it didn’t take much effort to plan the shoot. Baldwin, however, said it wasn’t exactly easy to get that that point. 

In the time after the divorce there were some rocky moments. 

“One time we were having a heated discussion and Bruce was crying. He could hear the tension. I realized that’s not the kind of person I wanted to be. So I made a decision to interact better with his dad,” Baldwin said. 

Eventually Baldwin and Dyson became friends. 

The family recently did their fourth photoshoot with Bruce, who is now 4 years old.

“Bruce loves to have us together. He gets excited. He is very out going and silly. He definitely relishes the time in front as well as mom and dad,” Baldwin said. 

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They plan to keep doing the photoshoots indefinitely as it has become part of their family tradition.

“It is possible to co-parent successfully and for the sake of your children. It is not always easy to do because hurt feelings can be a powerful motivator but you can control the example you set for your child,” Baldwin said.

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