Boy, 13, Identified As Child Killed By Carbon Monoxide at Hotel Pool That Left 6 Other Kids Hospitalized

The hotel is shut down until further notice.

Police have identified a 13-year-old boy as the child killed by carbon monoxide leak at a hotel pool in Michigan on Saturday.

Bryan Douglas Watts and five other children, ages 12-14, were found unconscious and unresponsive in the pool area of a Quality Inn and Suites in around 10 a.m. Hotel officials reportedly spotted the kids and called 911.

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Another child was later found unresponsive in a first-floor room in the hotel after returning from the pool, according to reports. Officials said they were eventually able to revive the girl.

The victims were transferred to local hospital, all reportedly in critical condition. Watts was pronounced dead on arrival.

Niles Fire Captain Don Wise said that this is one of the most tragic events he has witnessed in his 30-year career.

"To have six youths…that just takes it into a whole different category,” he said. “I hope I never have one of these again."

Two Niles police officers, two Berrien County Sheriff's deputy, as well as one hotel employee were also taken to the hospital after their arrival, but were later released.

Carbon monoxide levels were later found to be 16 times the safe limit.

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“The ventilation system on the heater had issues, the exhaust was not functioning properly,” said Wise. “Our mechanical inspector verified that. The hotel is shut down now until repairs are made.”

Investigators confirmed there was no carbon monoxide detector in the pool area.

"Carbon monoxide is odorless, colorless, tasteless. You'll wind up getting flu-like symptoms, vomit, then go unresponsive," he added, "but there isn't much time between getting nauseous and going fully unconscious."

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