Man Says He Was Nearly Electrocuted While Lying in Bed With iPhone: 'It Was God Who Saved Me'

He drove himself to the doctor after the accident.

An Alabama man is speaking out about the possible dangers of charging your cell phone near your bed after he was nearly electrocuted last week while sleeping.

Wiley Day, 32, said he was in his Huntsville bed with his iPhone charging and attached to an extension cord when he was awoken by extreme pressure.

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Day said the dog tag around his neck had touched the cord, resulting in an extreme shock around his neck.

"I woke up to feeling a jolt," Day told "[It] threw me out of bed… I heard a bunch of cracking and popping and of course you can hear the actual buzz sound."

Day’s niece ran into the room after she heard his screams.

“She heard me yelling, 'Jesus help me,'" Day said.

And Day believes he did. He somehow managed to drive himself to the doctor even after suffering third degree burns to his neck and hands.

"I shouldn’t have made it because of the voltage I had taken around my vital area in my neck. It was just a blessing all the way around," Day said.

Doctors reportedly told Day that the electricity from the shock entered through his chest and exited through his shoulder.

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"My doctors told me that it was just a freak accident — it was a one in a million chance," Day said. "I want people to be aware of the dangers of charging electrical devices and things overnight in your bed."

Day is now recovering and said some days have been better than others. He is beginning to feel the pain of the burns, but said he is just happy to be alive.

"It was God who saved my life. I know that no one else could have stepped in and saved me," said Day. 

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