Food Coma: Fiona the Baby Hippo Appears to Be Dreaming of Dinner in Latest Video

The hippo was born premature and is currently thriving inside the Cincinnati Zoo.

Fiona, the 9-week-old baby hippo born premature and severely underweight, has been filmed dreaming about her next meal while sleeping in her habitat.

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In a video posted on YouTube by the folks at the Cincinnati Zoo Friday, the baby hippo has her eyes shut and can be seen moving her mouth and licking her lips with a small grin on her face.

"Like human babies, 9-week-old hippo Fiona suckles in her sleep," the zoo said.

Fiona was born six weeks premature in January and weighed just 29 pounds, which is 25 pounds lighter than the lowest recorded birth weight for the species, the zoo reported.

She wasn’t strong enough to stand or nurse from her mom, 17-year-old Bibi, so Fiona required around-the-clock care from zookeepers.

The zoo has tracked the little hippo's every move.

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In February, she was filmed swimming for the first time in a shallow pool.

In March, the zoo reported that the hippo has been learning and getting accustomed to its larger surroundings inside her habitat, playing with toys and exploring the area on her own while exercising to build muscle strength in her little legs.

In addition to round-the-clock care from animal staff, Fiona has received endless support from the community, including a local NICU team from the Cincinnati Children's Hospital, who sent over a gift basket for the preemie hippo after she was born. 

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