3-Legged Dog Given a Cartoon Arm Thanks to His Owner's Creativity with Photoshop

The half-pug half-beagle mix has his own Instagram account, documenting his unlikely adventures with his new cartoon paw.

Bradley the three-legged dog is just like any other pup... unless you include that cartoon arm he's been given with the help of a little imagination and Photoshop magic.

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The half-pug, half-beagle mix has his own Instagram account, documenting his unlikely adventures with his new cartoon paw. From pressing buttons on his computer, to holding up a wooden spoon in preparation to bake muffins, it seems that Bradley and his illustrated arm can do it all.

"He’s such an awesome cute little dog and he’s great at taking photos," his owner Charley DeRochers told InsideEdition.com. "I just wanted to see if I could do something [creative] with him."

The pup was adopted by DeRochers and his girlfriend Marianne Smith after he had gotten into a car accident. DeRochers explained that he was biking without a helmet when he was struck in late-August.

"It launched me right into the concrete headfirst," he said. "So, I was having pretty bad post-concussion symptoms [including] waves of depression and mood swings. [I was] very forgetful. It felt like I was underwater for a while."

The symptoms were exacerbated by Smith’s work schedule – at the time, she was working evenings, which left DeRochers alone at home many nights.

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“I’d just be alone with my own thoughts – it was really rough. I kind of needed a buddy to hang out with,” he said. “After a week of mood swings and random crying, I was just like, ‘Honey, we’re getting a dog. We’re getting a dog now.'"

That weekend, he and Smith visited with several dogs that were being fostered, and when they met Bradley, "We decided then and there we were going to adopt him," Smith said.

Bradley had also been hit by a car recently, which left one of his front legs limp and paralyzed.

“He would scrape it on the ground a lot when he would walk or run,” Smith explained. “The front part of his paw would be red and some of the hair was removed. It was just hanging there.”

With consultation from the shelter he was adopted from, Smith and DeRochers decided to amputate his leg weeks after adopting him.

Luckily, Bradley bounced right back, and even became an instrumental part in DeRochers’ healing from his accident. DeRochers said he was afraid to drive for months, and would cringe whenever he heard a car drive by, but taking Bradley out for frequent walks helped him readjust to being around cars.

The pup also became a welcome distraction whenever his post-concussion symptoms would bring him down.

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Since then, Bradley has proven himself to be a welcome member of the family.

"We love him to death," DeRochers said.

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