High School Senior Has the Most Magical Way to Ask Her Disney-Obsessed Mom to Prom

Her mom, Caridad Pfeiffer, explained she never went to her own prom: "I was a little wallflower."

Knowing her Disney-crazed mom had never attended her prom, a high school senior decided to ask her to her own in the most magical way she could think of.

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Francesca Rose Pfeiffer, a senior at Tuacahn High School for the Performing Arts in Ivins, Utah, sent her mom Caridad Mendoza Pfeiffer on a scavenger hunt that ultimately led her to a surprise at school.

"I just thought, 'Oh, they’re just giving me a thank you gift for all the work I did helping them out for the play,'" said Caridad, who often volunteers to help out at her daughter’s school.

Instead, Francesca and a group of students met her with balloons, a tiara and a sign that read: "Since YOU'VE GOT A FRIEND IN ME, I'm GOING THE DISTANCE to take you UP on an ADVENTURE with me! I'll SHOW YOU THE WORLD and BE YOUR NEW DREAM; so since you are my OHANA, CAN I SAY SOMETHING CRAZY? Will you BE MY GUEST at prom?"

Caridad, who is obsessed with Disney, explained she never got the opportunity to go to her own prom.

"I wasn’t the popular one in school," she said. "I was a little wallflower. I didn’t go to any dances."

Francesca said that while she told her mom she wasn’t interested in going to prom, she was planning a huge surprise for her.

"She means everything to me, and I know that she was still kind of sad about not going to hers, so I figured what better way to spend your senior year than going with your best friend?" Francesca told InsideEdition.com.

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For her mom, it’s the precious memories the pair will make at prom that make it all worth it.

"She’s about to graduate […] I’ve just kind of been feeling pretty empty-nester, like she’s going to go to college and our time together is [limited]," Caridad explained. "So to get to do this, one last big hurrah is really, really exciting."

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