Was Tiger's Apology Sincere? Body Language Expert Weighs In

Was Tiger Woods being sincere during his apology to the world? INSIDE EDITION asks a body language expert what she thinks.

So was Tiger Woods sincere when he made his apologetic statement to the world?

"It's bad acting; I just don't buy it, and quite frankly I don't think he's done cheating," says body language expert Janine Driver.

But she tells INSIDE EDITION there were moments Woods appeared genuinely sorry.

"I want to say to each of you, simply and directly I am deeply sorry," said the golfer.

"We see a couple of deep swallows there, [and] his jaw gets tight at one point," observes Driver.

But she says parts of the statement seemed rehearsed and lacked sincerity. And at times she said that Woods appeared to be dishonest, as when he said he needed help.

Woods was careful to keep his hands on the podium, but at one point he did put his hand over his heart.

"They did not do these things, I did," Woods said, speaking of his family.

"I don't buy it," says Driver. "It's programmed, I feel like it was strategic."

If Woods was rehearsed, his mother, Kultida, was anything but.

She unexpectedly became the focus of the nation's attention when the main camera malfunctioned, and the networks were forced to show an angle focusing on Kultida, who was sitting front and center. Experts say she looked more like she was attending a funeral than a press conference.

"The mother's body language was very interesting, it was the only time when I felt emotion, I felt her pain, she was embarrassed," says Driver.

Later, Mrs. Woods told a reporter: "Everyone has faults and makes a mistake, or sins. We all do, but we move on."

Driver says one of the moments of real emotion Woods showed came after the speech, when he hugged his mother and both were both holding back tears. "She gives him a great big hug and pats him on the back, as if to say, 'It's okay honey, we all make mistakes.' "