Watch the Joyous Moment a Toddler With Poor Eyesight Sees Clearly After Getting New Glasses

Thirteen-month-old Bran Opperman of the Netherlands can be seen calming down with his eyes wide and curious as his parents put on his new glasses.

A toddler with poor eyesight is seeing the world in a whole new light, thanks to his brand new glasses.

Bran Opperman, a 13-month-old from the Netherlands, can be seen instantly calming down with his eyes wide and curious in a video posted to Facebook as his parents help him put on the specs.

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"Bran has always been a joyful baby, but with his glasses he enjoys even more," his father Cor Opperman told

He and his wife Mary Opperman took their son to the doctor after Bran wasn’t showing any signs of sitting on his own, or crawling on his own. His father said Bran underwent tests to check for neurological issues, but in the meantime, the doctor suggested his poor vision may be causing the behavior. 

They purchased a new pair of glasses for the boy, and even though Bran fussed when his parents helped him put on his glasses last month, it was clear his newfound eyesight made all the difference.

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Cor Opperman said doctors are now hopeful it was just his blurry vision that caused concern about his development. 

"It's almost three weeks that Bran [has been wearing] his glasses," Cor Opperman explained, "and we see good improvement in [Bran] sitting up by himself, and trying to crawl. We have good faith in his further development." 

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