Man Caught on Camera Trying to Kidnap Baby From Dunkin' Donuts: Police

The suspect reportedly yelled, "That's my baby" during the bizarre incident.

Police are looking for the parents of a baby they say was nearly kidnapped in a bizarre incident captured by surveillance cameras at a Philadelphia Dunkin' Donuts.

On Sunday morning, witnesses say a man entered the location in Center City before shouting, "That's my baby!"

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In surveillance video released by the Philadelphia Police Department, the suspect can be seen reaching down into a child's stroller as the mother's back is turned.

As the suspect leans his head down toward the child, the mother sees what's happening and wrenches the baby away.

Meanwhile, another patron in line shoves the suspect away before the suspect leaves the camera frame.

The Philadelphia Police Department's Special Victims Unit has called the case "peculiar."

"It’s actually a rather peculiar set of circumstances in we are actually asking for the parents or who we believe to be the parents to maybe come forward and give us a better idea of what happened out there," police said.

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The suspect was reportedly detained temporarily. Police say charges against him will depend on what the parents say occurred.

Police are reaching out to the public in an attempt to identify the parents, who left the scene, to determine exactly what happened.

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