Cop Engages Alleged Jewelry Store Burglar in Life or Death Struggle Caught on Video

The suspect allegedly tried to gouge out the officer's eyes.

Startling surveillance footage caught the moment Florida cops say a burglary suspect savagely attacked a police officer in a jewelry store.

Bradenton police were called to Joyeria Latina early Sunday, where Lt. William Weldon came face-to-face with a suspect police have identified as 23-year-old Isaac Dubon.

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In the video, you can see Weldon put away his gun as the suspect appears to give up. However, things quickly take a horrifying turn as the suspect begins to engage Weldon physically.

During the struggle, cops say Dubon attempted to gouge out Weldon's eyes with his fingers before allegedly grabbing for the officer's gun.

"He appeared to be complying," Weldon explained at a press conference Wednesday, his eye visibly bruised.

In the video, Weldon breaks away from the suspect before unholstering his gun and ordering him to the ground.

However, cops say Dubon refused and again lunged at the officer.

Despite injuries to his eyes that caused his vision to seriously blur, cops say Weldon was able to pistol whip Dubon, who fell to the floor after a struggle.

With the danger over, Weldon catches his breath with his head on the jewelry case, just as backup arrives to take the suspect to jail.

Dubon was arrested and charged with Aggravated Battery on Law Enforcement and Burglary. He is reportedly a person of interest in several other burglary investigations in the same area.

Despite his injuries, Bradenton police officials say Weldon, a 15-year veteran of the force, tried going right back to work the very next day after receiving treatment for his injuries.

Weldon has been referred to an eye doctor to make sure he fully recovers.

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"The swelling went down," Weldon told reporters Wednesday. "I've got antibiotic drops I'm putting in my eyes to take care of the bleeding, but they're fine."

Dubon made his first court appearance Monday, where a $12,000 bond was set.

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