Was Caroline Kennedy Given A Free Pass During Her Media Blitz?

Caroline Kennedy is on a media blitz to promote a new book and some are wondering if Caroline Kennedy is getting a free pass from interviewers. She was never asked any potentially awkward questions about the controversial miniseries The Kennedys. INSID

Caroline Kennedy recently appeared on The Joy Behar Show  and what didn't happen is causing an uproar.

"You know I'm such a Kennedyphile!" said Behar. The usually feisty Behar didn't even ask her about The Kennedys.

The New York Post says "Caroline was given a free pass" because she was not asked any awkward questions about the controversial miniseries The Kennedys, which stars Katie Holmes as Jackie O.

The Kennedy family reportedly used their influence to keep the miniseries off major cable networks. It was finally picked up by the little-known ReelzChannel.

It was the same story when Caroline appeared on Live! With Regis and Kelly earlier in the week as part of her media blitz to promote her new poetry anthology She Walks in Beauty.

On Good Morning America, she was also asked about her new book but not about the miniseries everybody is talking about.

New York Post TV columnist Linda Stasi wrote, "You go on a talk show the same week as a controversial miniseries about your family is airing, and no interviewer asks one question about it? How did they let Caroline slip away like this?"