Is This the World's Most Adorable Pickpocket? Baby Bandit Filmed in the Act

The baby should be in the next 'Ocean's 11' movie.

He may have a baby face, but don't let his innocent look fool you.

A small child has been filmed stealing a wallet out of women’s purse in Russia while a distracted mom was not paying attention.

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The baby bandit, armed with just a pacifier and an adorable smile, can be seen walking around a school auditorium during a recital in Moscow last month, hobbling around on his little legs until coming across a woman’s purse.

The cute blonde toddler then got curious with the purse and started rifling through it.

While all the adults in the room were focused on the concert, the little baby found a golden opportunity as he pulls out a nice red wallet.

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During the baby’s slick and brief escapade into the heist world, one audience member was able to record the child in action and has made the adorable kid a worldwide sensation in the process.

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