Boston Marathon Bombing Victim Has Miracle Baby After She Was Told She Couldn't Carry a Child

Rebekah Gregory lost a leg in the bombing, and doctors believed the trauma would have kept her from having another child.

A Boston Marathon bombing survivor who lost a leg in the attack was told she could not carry a child, but proved the doctors wrong when she gave birth to a healthy baby girl last year.

That fateful day four years ago dramatically changed Rebekah Gregory's life. After her left leg was amputated, but she was left in anguish as doctors told her she could never have another child.

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She told Inside Edition: "They told me I’d never be able to have another baby and that was crushing."

Doctors told Gregory her body, which had been riddled with shrapnel from the bombing, was too traumatized to carry a baby.

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"They told me based on all the internal injuries and the shrapnel I had that it would be difficult to have a baby or even conceive a child," she said. 

The 29-year-old mom already had a son, Noah, who is now 8. She and her husband Chris desperately wanted to have another baby.

It was a surprising moment when she did get pregnant but it wasn't without complications.

“I had a placenta abruption and they were worried about me losing my life as well as hers,” she said.

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A placenta abruption is a serious complication in which the placental lining separates from the uterus.

Baby Ryleigh was born premature following the scare and her mom said "her lungs didn't work right" and "she was very underdeveloped." 

But Ryleigh is now thriving and is a blessing to her mother.

Gregory is now telling her inspiring story in a new book, Taking My Life Back.

“Now life is beautiful, Ryleigh is perfect and we are happy as we've ever been,” she said.

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