Kind-Hearted Bus Driver Stops Vehicle to Tie Elderly Man's Shoes

A passenger snapped a photo of Jackie Downie as he bent down to tie the man's shoes on the street.

A Scottish bus driver is being commended for his kindness after he stopped his vehicle to help an elderly man tie his shoes.

A passenger snapped a photo of Jackie Downie, who's driven for Lothian Buses for 41 years, as he bent down to tie the man's shoes on a street outside Edinburgh.

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"[Kudos] to the driver on bus 416 service no. 3 for getting off to tie this elderly gentleman's shoelace," the passenger, Leah-ashley Brown, wrote as she shared the image to the company's Facebook page.

"Well done Jackie," the company wrote, while others on the page applauded Downie's actions.

"So many great people in the world," one wrote.

Brown told that the driver didn't say anything before he stopped, but when he climbed back on the bus, the passengers "whispered that it was awfully nice of him."

But she wasn't surprised by Downie's gesture, noting that he made sure to watch out for her when a recent sports injury left her with crutches.

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"He actually would wait for me to be seated" before driving off, she said.

Lothian Buses commended the driver for his gesture, calling him a "true gentleman." The company noted that the man had been carrying a white stick when Downie got off the bus to help him.

"We're very proud of Jackie for taking the initiative to help this gentleman," a spokesperson told "He is a true asset to our business and it's great to see that his act of kindness didn't go unnoticed."

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